Parkinson’s Disease and Marijuana

As we discovered in our last post, Can Marijuana Cure Cancer, the human body’s cannabinoid receptor system is incredibly responsive to the cannabinoids in medical marijuana, specifically Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). RSO is a highly concentrated extract from the marijuana plant, rich in THC and CBD cannabinoids. Since its discovery by Rick Simpson it’s been used to help many people with a variety of illnesses, and Parkinson’s Disease is one of them.

Amazing Proof of the Benefits of RSO

When we first saw this video shared on Facebook we were stunned at how quickly it helped former police officer, Larry Smith, control his Parkinson’s tremor dyskinesia. It also helped his voice, as the disease had robbed him of the ability to speak strongly and clearly.

Larry Smith had started experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s 20 years prior to this video being taken, and he had tried everything the medical world had to offer. Out of desperation he traveled from his home state of South Dakota to San Diego, California, where medical marijuana is legal (actually, recreational marijuana is legal in CA now, as well) Watch this stunning video and judge for yourself.


Amazing – isn’t it? He and his wife were saddened by the fact that they can’t obtain this wonderful, natural remedy in their own state. As he says, “A person like me could really use marijuana and it makes me angry that I can’t get it in my home state.”

After putting some of the oil on his gums, within minutes his tremors stopped, he could talk, and he was hungry for lunch! Can you imagine the relief that would give a person who suffers with tremor dyskenisia 24 hours a day with no escape?

There Are More People Who Have Been Helped

If you Google Parkinson’s + Rick Simpson Oil, or Parkinson’s + Medical Marijuana, you will find lots of people talking about how it has helped them control tremors or the side effects of the other drugs that their doctor has them take for Parkinson’s. There are also several more videos on YouTube demonstrating the same miraculous help for other people.

This has even grabbed the attention of the Parkinson’s Foundation, and they are interested in the promise that medical marijuana shows as far as helping control the symptoms of Parkinson’s. But, like most conservative organizations, they stop short of recommending medical marijuana because not enough research has been done.

Do you see a pattern here? People have tried medical marijuana and found it has helped whatever illness they are suffering from, but because “not enough research has been done” their doctors won’t recommend it to them, but will happily dole out whatever chemical the pharmaceutical companies recommend. It doesn’t help that marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, either.

We Have to Take Control of Our Health

With skyrocketing healthcare costs and the health insurance companies emptying our pockets we have to be proactive and take care of ourselves. And having the view that if you do develop a serious illness the medical professionals will make it go away is just wishful thinking. Your doctor does what he can, but when he went through medical school he spent very little time studying alternative medicines, if they covered it at all.

All Toking Granny is saying is that having an open mind as far as remedies that don’t come from a pharmaceutical company is the better way to go. Many of these people only resorted to medical marijuana after exhausting all other medicines their doctors prescribed to them, and found them to be lacking, or worse, actually making their health worse because of all the side effects of the chemicals.

Truthfully, they would have been better off trying the medical marijuana first and not as a last resort. Some of the drugs that are on the market today are just poison to our bodies, and it’s debatable if they are really doing any good or just making a bad situation worse.


What You Can Do For Yourself

The first thing is to read everything you can find about the illness. Educate yourself and ask your doctor the many questions you probably have. Also, find out what your doctor thinks about medical marijuana.

If he or she is adamantly against it and will only recommend you use the drugs that are normally prescribed, you may want to find another doctor. You’ll probably want a second opinion anyway, because there are other illnesses that have similar symptoms and they can mimic Parkinson’s Disease. To read an article on the website EverydayHealth regarding those diseases, click here.

After you have read everything thing you can and asked all the questions you may have, you can then make an educated decision as far as if you want to go with the standard treatment or if you’d like to try medical marijuana.

If you live in a state with legal medical marijuana you are fortunate, because you have available to you a natural remedy. But if your state does not have legalized medical or recreational marijuana you can always try CBD. These products still have a good amount of the beneficial cannabinoids that the marijuana sources do, it just doesn’t have the THC and so you can try it legally.

What Will the Future Hold?

Larry Smith (the gentleman in the video above) had to travel to California to try medical marijuana to see if it would help him. And, being an ex-LEO (law enforcement officer), he was worried about what his former friends in the force would think of him “using drugs.” But after he tried it those doubts and worries went away.

After he benefited from the RSO and his tremors essentially disappeared (if only temporarily), he realized that there was no reason to demonize this helpful plant, and he questioned why it’s been illegal in so many states when it can help so many people.

It’s Toking Granny’s opinion that, as more and more people try medical marijuana, the more they understand that there’s no reason for the oppression and demonization our government has been pursuing for decades. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to classify this as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

Perhaps the tipping point has been reached now, so that the people will demand that this be legalized nation wide instead of state by state. There’s really no reason not to legalize it, or at least de-criminalize the plant so that people can use it however they see fit and not worry about spending time in jail or being fined just because they were seeking relief from pain, tremors, nausea, or depression.

Marijuana and Parkinson's Disease
MMJ should be legalized now!

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