Does Marijuana Help Back Pain? Absolutely!

There was conclusive or substantial evidence that cannabis or cannabinoids (that are found in the marijuana plant) can be an effective treatment for chronic pain, according to the report issued January 12, 2017, by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. After reading over 10,000 studies, this is one of 100 conclusions the committee … Continue reading “Does Marijuana Help Back Pain? Absolutely!”

My Venture Into Arizona Medical Dispensaries

After I received my Arizona Medical Marijuana Card I couldn’t wait to explore some of the dispensaries and see what they had to offer. This post is about the first trip and what I experienced. The Very First Dispensary I did my research on and read review after review of dispensaries. Unlike my normal process, which is … Continue reading “My Venture Into Arizona Medical Dispensaries”

Acquiring My Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

When I decided that I wanted to try medical marijuana for my back pain, I started down the path that many other Arizonans had already been on. It was a well-trodden path since the process had been in place for quite awhile by the time I arrived on the scene. But there were some things … Continue reading “Acquiring My Arizona Medical Marijuana Card”

About Toking Granny

Welcome to Toking Granny, a simple blog that will attempt to help seniors and/or anyone over the age of 55 sort through the fascinating, but sometimes overwhelming world of Medical Marijuana and CBD remedies. In the interest of discretion (as I have some family members who are just not that understanding about such things), I … Continue reading “About Toking Granny”