Can Marijuana Cure Cancer?

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that a very potent, condensed form of marijuana extract called Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO (also known as Phoenix Tears), can actually make cancerous tumors and lesions disappear. In this post we’re going to explore this controversial topic.

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Strong Positive Evidence That it Can, But . . .

Because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level and is categorized as a Schedule 1 narcotic, not much institutional research has been happening with this amazing plant. As long as it’s a federal pariah there will be no significant federal funding for research, only private funding in the states where it is legal.

As far as it curing cancer, all we really have to go by is many, many cancer patients’ personal accounts of how medical marijuana in the form of RSO has helped them. For instance, the elderly gentleman in the dispensary I first visited (My Venture Into Arizona Medical Dispensaries). His story was quite impressive, and I believed it to be true. He was absolutely glowing when recounting his recovery, and you could just feel the joy he had for having beat cancer.

But, you won’t easily find an M.D. who will advise you try RSO to help with your cancer diagnosis. Because of the federal illegality of medical marijuana extracts they will only refer you to an oncologist for chemo and/or radiation. No matter how they feel about it personally they aren’t going to recommend RSO treatments. Which is a shame, because why wouldn’t the medical community want to use any substance that could help a cancer patient?

Even the American Cancer Society takes the position that more extensive research needs to be done regarding marijuana and cancer, but they stop short of implying that MMJ could help cure any form of cancer and only refer to two FDA approved marijuana derivatives, Dronabinol and Nabilone, which are used to lessen nausea and loss of appetite in chemo patients.


What We’ve Heard and Seen

Unfortunately, most people who resort to RSO to treat their cancer do so only after other medical treatments fail, so they are at an advanced stage of cancer. Or they only discover they have cancer at a late state of its development and may not even have the time to try the treatment. But even at the most dire stage of cancer, many have said it has literally worked miracles for them.

Case in point, Dennis Hill, a biochemist from Texas (now in California) who discovered he had Stage 4 prostate cancer, or adenocarcinoma of the prostate. He also had metastatic lesions in the surrounding tissues. Mr. Hill is a very intelligent man, and he researched everything he could find regarding marijuana extract and cancer after a friend of his told him, “Do you know cannabis cures cancer?” He was incredulous but he did his due diligence and discovered an amazing fact: Marijuana can indeed cure cancer!

Please watch this very impressive video of Mr. Hill telling his story himself, and explaining the biology of how cannabis kills cancer cells. There are many videos on YouTube, but this one I think impressed me the most because he is a biochemist. If someone would know the mechanics of how marijuana extracts work on the human body, who better to explain the process than a biochemist? Anyway, here’s the video.

The Reason Why the US Isn’t Doing Research

You can probably guess why marijuana remains a Schedule 1 narcotic (which means it’s drug that has no use or redeeming qualities whatsoever – obviously not true). And it’s because big pharma does not want people healing themselves. If they were smarter they would sell RSO themselves, but they can’t patent this healing drug.

So, in my mind, it’s just a matter of greed. If the pharmaceutical companies can’t control marijuana extract, they will continue to pressure politicians on a federal level to keep it as a Schedule 1 drug. And they will continue to sell their chemo drugs to hospitals and oncology clinics, even when they don’t halt the progress of the majority of cancers.

Chemo may stop the growth of some cancerous cells, but only at the cost of literally destroying healthy cells as well. Chemo is incredibly brutal to the human body, while marijuana extract (RSO) is working with the body’s already present cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoids in RSO work hand-in-hand with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, which also work with the body’s immune system. It’s really the perfect healing combination.

Israel is Doing the Research We Should Be Doing

As Dennis Hill mentioned in the video, Israel has been doing some excellent research with medical marijuana. And (this was news to me) they have one of the highest rates of marijuana usage in the world, with 27% of the population between the ages of 18 and 65 having used marijuana within a year’s time.

Israel has over 100 clinical trials ongoing regarding medical marijuana. The U.S. is far behind in this field and our regressive policies toward this miraculous plant is to our detriment. You have to ask yourself: If there is a substance that can help us recover from a cancer diagnosis – why can’t we be free to use it? Why can’t we take control of our health, and why does our government stand in our way?

Here’s a link to an informative website regarding cancer and marijuana extract: Cure Your Own Cancer

So the Answer is . . .

Yes! Marijuana extract (RSO) can cure cancer. Not just make cancer go into remission, but actually cure it. It’s a truly a miraculous, healing plant.

In the next post we’re going to explore medical marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease. Thanks for hanging out with me and reading my posts! Please leave a comment – I’d love to hear your experiences or stories about RSO.

Here’s Another Disclaimer

I’m not a doctor and have no medical background to speak of (although my sister is a nurse, for what that’s worth). So I can’t and won’t advise you to use Rick Simpson Oil for cancer. But I will suggest this: Please research it and learn for yourself what RSO can do. The ultimate decision is up to you. If I’m ever diagnosed with cancer I know what I will do, and I’m fortunate enough to live in a state where they have legalized medical marijuana so I have access to it, thank you state of Arizona and all the people who voted to legalize medical marijuana.

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